Volunteers “growing” a healthier community

In an effort to help city workers with the task of mowing, helping the senior center add to their fundraising efforts, and to help supplement the Hardy Farmers Market program, volunteers have stepped up to help build and grow a local community garden, a senior herb garden and a sitting area for weary persons to look out over the downtown area.

We’d like to thank those already donating their time, materials, and labor and invite anyone else to come join us.

Raised bed gardens are being fashioned with earthbag construction, aluminum can/concrete upcycling  and planted  with heirloom seeds all of which create a green and sustainable site.

The seniors are looking forward to their planter and ability to become more active in community endeavors.

While the areas are being cleaned and prepped it doesn’t look like much but the work is definitely making improvements on what were  areas once  entangled with unsightly brush, or just empty lots waiting for a new lease of activity.