Some Hardy area residents became famous as the television series "Clash of the Ozarks" aired on the Discovery Channel. The six-part series debuted in February 2014.

The town of Hardy plays a significant part in the series as two area families, the Russells and the Evans, are at odds over preserving the traditional way of life versus the idea of progress and new opportunities.

The series focuses on Hardy residents Crowbar Russell, a traditionalist, and Kerry Wayne Evans, a progressive, and their ongoing family dispute.

The series also features several other Hardy area residents in addition to Russell and Evans, including Sevella Terrell, Marty Terrell, Jimmy Haney, Mark Gordon and "The Baroness" Renee Clay-Circle.

Filmed in Hardy and the surrounding countryside, the series showcases the pristine, natural environment found in the north-central Arkansas Ozarks.

The series has generated interest in the quiet river town. New visitors will find the people welcoming and friendly. The historic town is steeped in history and filled with gracious southern hospitality. Visitors will quickly realize why families like the Russells and Evans cherish the town and have remained here for generations.

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Photos courtesy of Discovery Channel.

Crowbar Russell

Kerry Wayne Evans